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Our Warranty Policy


All cars purchased through Acquired Cars comes with a 5-year warranty under the MBM unlimited warranty programme. Our warranty covers all issues not related to normal wear and tear subject to the terms and conditions of this policy so your purchase can be worry-free.

MBM Unlimited Warranty

Acquired Cars partners with MBM wheelpower under the MBM Unlimited Warranty programme. This ensures that your vehicle is in MBM Wheelpower’s expert hands with plans that include unlimited mileage during the warranty coverage period and the highest coverage amount up to the value of your car minus the COE. The programme is underwritten by QBE Insurance Pte. Ltd.

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Engine Warranty

*Timing Belt covered provided that the last due change of the belt has taken place as specified by the manufacturer’s schedule (proof required)

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Transmission Warranty

For automatic, manual and CVT:

For manual clutch:

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Drive Axle Warranty (Front & Rear)

Electrical Warranty

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Engine Cooling System Warranty

Steering Warranty

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Front & Rear Suspension Warranty

(Note: suspension bushings and shock absorbers are not covered, as these are a wear and tear item)

Brakes Warranty

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Air Conditioning* & Heating Warranty

High-Tech Warranty

Fuel Injection & Emissions Management Systems Warranty

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Fuel System (Diesel & Petrol) Warranty

Turbocharger (Factory-fitted) Warranty

- End of policy -

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